York Car Boot Sale

Packed the van late last night, as there would be no chance of getting her in doors up at 0500 to give me a hand. Thanks to everyone who has given me items to sell, when I say sell it feels like sometimes I’m giving the stuff away or feeling very guilty for asking for an extra 50p for an item that cost over £50.

Arrived at the Race Course to be confronted with a huge queue of cars with boxes packed to the rafters, at least I was in the right place. Directed to my pitch, after parting with £12. I hadn’t even got things set up and I was swarmed by a marauding mob of what I assume was seasoned sellers. You have to admire the speed and efficiency at which they can sort through stuff and then be gone, most probably with an absolute bargain and me thinking I’d been mentally violated. These folks don’t care I’m trying to raise money for @yorkshirecancer this is how they make a living.

My mum and sister turned up and did their magic and had the stall looking like a shabby chic boutique in no time. My sister then played hardball with every customer and doubled the takings. I wished she had been there earlier when I was fighting off the bargain hunters!

Managed to get home just in time for a fry up minus the bread to mop up the juices. Counted the donations and had made £170.50 so thank you to Dawn & John, Matt, Big Paul, Tom & Zoe and Mum & Sister.

Looking forward I might try and do a cake stall next time with Yorkshire tea. So might be asking you all for cake and bun donations for the next one. Get your pinny’s ready.

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