Thank you for the donations!

I can't believe the response to my blubbing, snotty post! Nearly at the £3k mark for Yorkshire Cancer Research which is great and I can't thank everyone enough for sponsoring me.

If only I'd known shedding a few tears would get me what I want, I would have had that new bike a lot sooner. I'm still not sure where all that emotion came from as her indoors says I have a swinging brick for a heart. 23 years of no tears and I choose to let it all out for over 3,500 to watch! Worth it though as the response has been amazing. Going to have to do something to restore my hard as nails persona soon, watch this space.

Anyway, my biggest donation so far is from my would be parents in law. Not sure what I should read into this. Is it that they will enjoy seeing me suffer or is it that they actually believe I can do it. I'm hoping it is the latter as they have always been supportive of my challenges or perhaps they are hoping after all these years this will be the 'one' that finally rids them and her indoors of me if I perish in the desert!

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