School Assembly

I invited myself to Belmont Grosvenor School to give a presentation and luckily the headmistress agreed and allowed me to speak to the children in years 3 to 6, about the MdS and my fundraising efforts.

Even though I have presented to Commanding Officers and Dignitaries over the years I was slightly nervous about presenting to primary school children, they are a whole different ball game, luckily the Headmistress was away so at least I didn’t have to worry about my English.

Got ‘Her Indoors’ to help, if helping is constantly rolling her eyes, criticising my delivery, having a moan because I’d left it until the last minute and saying she could do a much better job.

Arrived early and set up in the school hall. Took a few props in to show the children. Talked for around 10 minutes and the children seemed interested. Even the smallest child thought the 12kg rucksack was light and one even said their sports bag was heavier.

Most of the children had smiles on their faces, (probably down to fish and chips for lunch) laughed in the right places (my primary school photo) and asked some great questions like, ‘Where do you poo’? Hope the smiles weren’t just because they were missing maths. Her indoors said I’d done a good job, so maybe my ambition of becoming a Primary School Teacher isn’t a pipe dream after all.

Future events

Next weekend I will be doing some live training at Northpoint Shopping Centre in Hull (UK city of culture 2017), whilst rattling a bucket. Check back next week to see how much we raise for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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