Ripley Car Boot Sale

Woke up early, woke her indoors up and told her she didn’t have to get up and help. Once she had packed the van and I had made my coffee I was all set.

Travel mug of coffee, float and I was ready for the haggling. Jumped in the van only to find the battery was flat. Finding the jump leads proved rather difficult and required practically emptying the garage by her indoors while I refilled my travel mug.

Eventually set off to Ripley only to find myself in a queue waiting to get in to set up.

Once set up, customers, customers (maybe dealers) started to arrive. I was shocked at how cut throat it was,  something weird about someone bartering you down another 50 pence to pay with a £20 note which had been pulled from a rather large wad of notes.

I had some generous donations which is always heart warming. So another £208 for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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