Rest day today.


Hung out the washing! Cooked a caveman brunch! Did the ironing and taking my better half out for dinner. I will get that new bike… at the moment she is clueless to my cunning plan and the browny points just keep adding up!

Been monitoring my macro’s this week, trying to get the balance right. Nearly had a wobble when in the supermarket buying more kale and spirulina. I had to resist buying a tray of chocolate coated ring donuts and they were on offer (even Mark’s & Spencer are testing me).  Was tempted to just have a lick, got a few funny looks when I started drooling. It was that bad they had to put the slippery surface signs out.


Training this week has been a mixture of running and rowing. The bike is still out of action and the plan hasn’t come to fruition yet. Still battling to keep the heart rate down when running, probably not helped by every run I go on from home starts uphill.

Introduced some strength training as well, I’ve lost some strength from the last time. I suppose 6 months of no training will do that and losing weight is obviously not helping either, but at least I won’t have to drag that extra fat around the desert.


This is still proving to be the hardest part. Maybe it is down to politics and the uncertainty the country currently finds itself in but cancer isn’t going to cure itself and we all need to do our bit as it, unfortunately, effects everyone in some way.


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