Plan Succesful!

New bike image

Plan successful! It worked, one shining new bike hanging up in the garage.

Caught her half a sleep on the sofa one night and simply uttered the words, ‘that bike is still in the sale, nearly £600 off’ (sale, music to her ears) her reply ‘just get it and then I don’t have to listen to anymore about it again, EVER!! By the time she had finished her sentence it was, click in the basket and on its way.

It arrived on Saturday, paid extra for that but don’t tell anyone!

Should have opened the box in the garage and not in the hallway, big mistake. She went mental when she saw it had no pedals, her exact words ‘ it’s like buying a car with no wheels!!’ Obviously said I could use my old pedals and didn’t dare tell her I wanted new pedals and new shoes.

Luckily I was going back to work so she couldn’t be cross with me for too long, perfect timing if I don’t say so myself.

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