MdS Expo, the Big Smoke.


Haven’t done much training since the Marathon weekend apart from a couple of bike rides and a short leg stretch which felt good, feet still a little sore so definitely need to get some more miles in the feet and leg muscles.

Saturday was the MdS Expo in London, where I was hoping all my questions would be answered. Arrived after taking a few wrong turns and signed in, took a quick look around at all the exhibitors. Many shiny objects, equipment, and gadgets, not sure any of them would get me around the MdS with any less pain but they did look nice.

The Expo was kicked off by Steve explaining what we had signed up to and how the whole experience would change our lives one way or another. There would be life before and life after. He was followed by a short presentation from the CEO of London Air Ambulance, he spoke about doing the whole thing for a Charity (tick), he also talked about the battle of the devil that will be there on your shoulder telling you every step of the way to quit, what’s the point, you’ve done your best. He said when he dropped out on day 4 he was over the moon for 15 minutes and has regretted every day for the past two years, so much so that he will be going back to silence those demons.

The first main speaker I listened to was Elisabet Barnes female winner last year. Great presentation by Professor Mike Stroud about how the body copes in extreme environment and as it turns out we are better adapted to the heat, so happy days. Did want to get a signed book but the queue was too long.

Spoke to her indoors about the exhibition and saying they’ve got loads of kit that we need and at a reduced special Expo discount one time only price. To my surprise, she said get what you want. I think she was bored of getting constantly shown kit in glossy brochures and being sent emails marked urgent only to find out it was a link to more new kit I wanted. If only I’d known earlier she was going to say ‘get what you want’. I hadn’t left myself much time as the expo had nearly finished. The challenge was on, I like challenges. I navigated around the expo remembering exactly where I had seen the shiny new kit I wanted, I had to queue which ate into my time but I did it, I got everything I had seen. I felt fulfilled, more shiny trainers, a hat, gaiters, a stove ….. It was like a scene from supermarket sweep.
I returned home shopped out only to find out that apparently ‘get whatever you need’ didn’t include a new pair of trainers! I quickly explained about one of the lectures I went to was about running mechanics and the efficiency of running and how very interesting it was. I explained that my running style is nowhere near efficient and not even 6 months intensive training would get me running correctly but the trainers might help. She said ‘stop please stop, no more’ and went to bed. I’m not sure whether she meant stop talking or stop buying trainers. I’m happy to stop talking to her so I checked out a couple more pairs of trainers before bed.

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