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Rather than irritating everyone by posting all my thank-you’s on social media individually, I am going to do a weekly roundup of donations  This is my first one and to make it easier I am thanking everyone from the launch of the video onwards.

Jack Hall, Rob Ward, Ryan Tipping, John Brown, Sharon Groves, Paul Richardson, Craig Milner, John Chandler, Becky Toghill, Louise Page, Jamie Jackson, Chris Spittal, Lizanne King, Marcus Black, Mick McHale, Dan Blades, S&L Doyle, Andy King, Phil Shaw, Dave Pullan, Tim & Jax, Kym Smythson, Jacqueline & Matthew Wilson, Si Scurr, Amanda Kingston, M Gisby, Rich Kingshott, Rob Haggas, Lisa Leach, Marcus Fothergill, Matt Lepine, Andy Milner, James & Vicky Anderson, Chris Unwin, Tim Welford, Mary Anderson, Kenny Maclean, Jamie Bird, Oliver Whiteley, Graphic Ad, Dave Bennett, 

So what has been happening since my last update? Training is still following the same format, trying to build my aerobic base. This week has all been running and walking (or is it classed as hiking when carrying a rucksack?) I am following a primal type philosophy when it comes to my training, which basically means I listen to my body and depending on how I feel at that current moment depends on what I will do. Her indoors is following the same philosophy but she says every day her body is telling her not to train and just to rest as much as possible.

I do have limited resources as far as training goes and even more so now by the actions of the Port Police. Whilst out running a week ago, following my usual route, a police car pulls over and the occupant (ROP) starts asking me questions, Who are you?, Where are you from? The bottom line is they don’t want me running around the port. I explained I’m training for the Marathon des Sables and have been running these roads for weeks, I said: “just ask the immigrant workers who say hello to me every day”. They didn’t change their minds, so in a sarcastic voice I asked: “How do you want me to get back, shall I run?” Their reply was “Yes”. Which meant this would be my final run around the port. If only I’d cried I might have got my own way as that seems to be the way forward.

With my running route now limited to what I have aptly called the Highway to Hell which is almost a kilometre long. I simply run up and down this road for the required distance or period of time.

The people are so very friendly, most vehicles wave at me to check I’m still in control of all my faculties and the odd vehicle will stop and suggest running at a later time when the sun has gone down. My longest time on this road is just over 2 hours and it gets mighty tedious, so to alleviate the boredom I am currently listening to podcasts and music.

I have contacted several venues as I would like to carry out some live training in high footfall areas. This is currently work in progress and I am still short of a treadmill, which will need to be commandeered from somewhere (Kev thanks for the suggestion). If a local gym or manufacturer would like to loan me a treadmill, please get in touch.


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  • I’m with the Mrs mate and going with the rest as much as possible camp!
    Cracking effort, I’m surprised the local rozzers never picked you up sooner.

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