I like challenges.  

So August sees mine and her indoors sort of anniversary, we forgot to do the getting married bit. Anyway we’ve now been together for over 23 years. That in itself deserves a donation especially as most of you never had to buy a wedding present. And if any of you know her indoors then I certainly deserve a donation. We have now been together longer than we haven’t and still put up with each other. To be fair being quite different might have something to do with that.

The differences

  • I like people, She doesn’t
  • She likes to argue, I don’t
  • I’m moody, She’s not
  • She hates tech, I bloody love it
  • I like exercise, she doesn’t
  • She’s creative, I’m not
  • I like dogs, she likes cats
  • She buys amazing presents, I don’t
  • I don’t swear, she does

The list goes on …
I suppose what I’m getting at is that we work as a team and she lets me do all the crazy stuff and there’s been a lot over the years. I always have to take it that bit further than most people. Here are a few things:

  1. Bought a mountain bike off a friend who needed some cash then entered a race in the elite category with no suspension.
  2. Bought a concept 2 rowing machine entered the British Championships, was about a foot too small or would have smashed them all!
  3. Entered the London marathon and did one run in preparation, that nearly broke me but I finished.
  4. Did a tough guy (the original) with a friend, was the only idiot to grab the electric fence
  5. Got a place for the great north run on the Friday, ran it on the Sunday with no preparation. Got a medal out of it though.
  6. Did the OMM with a mate, fell in a stream, oh and got lost but we don’t mention that part.
  7. As for the dads race at school sports day, not my greatest moment but I won!

Again the list goes on …

So the bottom line is I don’t usually think about the consequences of not preparing for my adventures but the MdS is the toughest one yet and her indoors says I have to prepare or at least get insured!!

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