People putting down their bags, taking off their gloves, rummaging in their bags for their wallets or purses to donate to my challenge. Just that simple act is very precious to me, that time to take a minute to donate to a cause. Some people chat, some simply throw their change in with a smile.

I try to smile back and wish them a happy Christmas.

I am always shocked by the different types of people who donate, what I have actually noticed there is no type. All people donate from every walk of life because cancer affects everyone no matter how rich, poor, colour or creed.

A lot of women donate according to her indoors who sat and observed at York Station. Apparently, she may need to up her game, but as she always says I was punching well above my weight, maybe we are even Steven now.

What surprises me the most is a lot of late teens, early twenty-year-olds donate. Probably students on their way home for Christmas.


Marathon 6, has been a tough one, legs were heavy from the start, and the 0230 bedtime probably didn’t help.

The heavens opened so her indoors couldn’t venture outside to go shopping, thanks for small mercies.

I definitely get more donations when I’m just running on my own, I think it might be the sympathy vote, or her indoors is scaring them away.


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