Hoovergate – Money Raising Suggestions

This is definitely the hardest challenge of my life so far, well almost. It’s second only to buying a gift for her indoors that she actually likes and doesn’t return.

And just in case any of you are considering buying a Dyson as a Christmas present for a pregnant lady don’t waste your money if won’t be appreciated, I can’t think why! I did have my reasons, she struggled to lift the vacuum upstairs, so I bought her one for upstairs, problem solved. At least then she would stop asking me to take it upstairs for her.

Getting people to part with their hard-earned cash is proving harder than walking on water. Obviously, I am extremely grateful to those people who have donated already and continue to help in promoting the challenge, I will be forever in their debt but need more to reach my goal.

Whilst training all I think about are ways of getting more donations. A few ideas:

  • Lemonade/tea stop outside the house. We live wedged between several Strava segments so plenty of Lycra clad customers.
  • Ironing service – Royal Marine standard, everything folded Globe and Buster.
  • Window Cleaning service might even do your gutters.
  • Boot camp PT sessions for groups or individuals.
  • Selling some of my boy’s toys that are currently collecting dust in various corners of our house: 2 parachutes, 1 kite buggy, climbing gear, various bikes and a plethora of stuff, it’s a long list!
  • Web design  – take a look my latest creation www.rwpaving.co.uk

Any other suggestions?

I have received one suggestion that people donate to see me actually crack a smile in a selfie. I like to go for the more manly moody look but I’ve been told I just look like an old miserable sod!

I’ve had one business donation this week from estate agents Dacre, Son and Hartley and would like to thank everyone for their support.

Training has been the usual sweaty runs. I feel like I’m making progress. Until next time …. please make a bloody donation!

I have also been a little concerned at how much tea and coffee I’ve been drinking so to slow down my wet consumption I’ve bought a travel mug that keeps my drinks warm for up four hours. I highly recommend this mug – CamelBak Forge 0.5-liters. If any mugs are purchased by clicking this link you are also helping me raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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