Whilst rowing today I started to worry about the enormity of this challenge, not the enormous physical challenge, I can do something about that! The worry for me is, not raising the money for Yorkshire Cancer Research, as making people part with their hard earned cash can be very difficult.

Here is the plan that I’ve come up with that could help all fundraisers and get me that OBE I’ve always wanted.

The Plan

Being the uber cool dude that I am, I have just over 200 Facebook friends. That’s 200 not 200k, (they don’t call me Billy for nothing).

All I’m asking is for a donation from my friends equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee, High Street not Betty’s.

200 Friends x £2.50 = £500 donation. This is fantastic as I know you all love me enough to buy me a coffee and will enjoy the thought of me suffering doing the Marathon des Sables.

Now here is the interesting part, after your kind donation, I would like you to ask your friends if they will donate in exactly the same way as a test of your friendship.

So if I work this out and air on the side of caution and you only have 100 friends. 100 friends X 200 = 20,000  x £2.50 = £50,000.00

My 200 Friends x Your 100 Friends = 20,000 Total Friends x £2.50 (cup of coffee) = £50,000.00 = One happy Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Now just imagine if our Total Friends asked their friends we could raise £5 Million.

To save yourself from a tedious night of conversations about metabolic rate, cacao power and the power of the mind, do yourself a favour and donate the £2.50 (unless you tip) it’s the best option and then start the ball rolling with your friends. Let’s see how far this can go!

To donate now – Text PGWW72 £2.50 to 700 70 or click here

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