Happy Valentine’s Day

Not sure how many people actually read my blog, anyway that is irrelevant so apologies Mum for not writing this update sooner.


Back at work again so feeling sorry for myself. So what has happened since my last update? I did the 12 days of Christmas Challenge, unfortunately I didn’t complete 12 marathon’s in 12 days. Had a couple of venues let me down, but I managed to complete 10, with some substitutions. I did have one venue ask a day or two before I was due there to ask if I would be okay without power. Maybe there are some treadmills out there that don’t run on electricity. Santa’s Grotto was using the power so I couldn’t complain.


There were some early starts with friends and family supporting me along the way, driving me and helping lift my treadmill, thank you very much and without your continued support none of this would be possible, you know who you are, which really means I can’t be bothered to list the 4 of you.


Everyone who stopped to offer words of encouragement and to donate money, I would like to say a big thank you. Also thanks to BBC Radio York & Stray FM for having me in their studios and helping me raise the profile of my fundraising.


People walking past Debenham’s shop window doing their Christmas shopping gave time out to pop into the shop and drop some money in my bucket. The Christmas challenge raised just over £2,000.


I have around 60 days until I fly to Morocco in April to actually get underway. I will be glad when I’m at the start line now and think I have done enough training to get me around the course. Most of my training now is just steady runs, trying to improve my running technique hoping this will help with my aching knees and hips. I’m trying to do some flexibility and stretching exercises as this is something I woefully neglect.


By the time I get home I will have about 8 days to get an ECG and certificate from my doctor to say I am okay to start the event and then get the last few bits of equipment ready. I am also doing a couple of talks at some Primary School’s in Harrogate, something I am really looking forward to.


60 Day’s till the Day.


PS I don’t do Valentine’s Day. I put up with her and she adores me so that is all

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  • Stick me down as another reader of the blog Sharky!
    This really is a superhuman effort when you consider the logistics of fitting in those runs when you are at work, hard off to you buddy, I doubt there are many that would be able to keep going!

    Keep at it Sharky!
    Reading about your training gives me some motivation to do my little bit.

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