Endurance base building.

Training, for now, is purely base building so I am trying to train at my maximum aerobic function, which is currently around 131 BPM. This is proving very difficult, especially whilst out running, I find myself running at a snail’s pace and walking up most hills.

On the bike it takes all my self-control to stay focused, especially when crawling up a steep incline and getting overtaken by an octogenarian. This is where the self-control comes in, I don’t mean wanting to catch them up but stopping myself shouting out, “I’m keeping my heart rate down”.

There is a method to my madness, I am trying to limit my carbohydrate dependency and get most of my energy from fat. I’m not there yet as whilst out on the bike, after about 4 hours in the saddle I hit the wall in a big way. I had to call the support team (her indoors) and get myself casevac (casualty evacuation).

This week also saw a bike mechanical failure. What started as a planned steady ride to Settle, to watch a cricket match ended with a puncture between Otley and Ilkley, no problem, quick inner tube change and back on the bike. Bought a replacement inner tube from Ilkley cycles being ever the optimist. Then before Skipton, my front wheel started to make some worrying noises, I knew it was bad when I could hear it over my music and I’m partially deaf in one ear.  I couldn’t see anything obvious, so had to call in the support vehicle again. Once home was thoroughly annoyed so had to go out and do a couple of hours running.

I hope my cunning plan (as cunning as a plan hatched by a fox studying the art of cunning at Oxford University) will come to fruition soon, which is that her indoors will get sick of rescuing me on my bike and let me buy the new shiny one I’ve seen.

Next weeks training will be much the same, probably not on the bike until I get it fixed. Most of my spare time will be filled with contacting local businesses for support and donations.


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