Double Marathon

All set up Northpoint Shopping Centre

Whilst away I contacted at least twenty shopping centres in the Yorkshire area asking if they would let me do some live training and fundraising, most replied no with some excuse, but at least they replied. I did, however, get a yes reply from Lisa at Northpoint Shopping Centre in Hull saying that they would be more than happy to help me out.

When I first arranged to do this type of event in my naivety I thought I would just need to email a local friendly gym to borrow a treadmill, well, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was a little concerned that I may have to jog on the spot for 8 hours but luckily friends stepped in at the last minute and let me borrow theirs. Didn’t know what to expect when I went to collect it on Friday afternoon, thought it would be your usual fold away home gym treadmill. Well, it wasn’t, plan B we needed a bigger van and some more muscle to help her indoors lift it, whilst I supervised and conserved energy.

Saturday morning up early for breakfast (berries and yogurt). Tiptoed around the house didn’t want to wake anyone this early on a weekend. Grabbed some fuel for the day – 2 packets of pork scratching and a banana. One last trip back into the bedroom to get my YCR Running Vest only to hear the voice of my loved one, “Hope you have a good day and raise lots of money” well that was the reaction I was hoping for, but what I got was, “I’m awake”. I’d failed to infiltrate enemy lines to retrieve my vest. Nephew arrived and we were off heading for Hull (UK City of Culture 2017).

Arrived at the venue in plenty of time, signed in and shown to our spot for the day. We were following in some big footsteps as Honey G had performed here, size 10 I believe. We were not even set up before we received our first donation.

Ran/walked all day chatting to some really interesting people. The generosity of some people astounds me and if you’ve been following my fundraising you will know I do get a little emotional and when I saw some of the people putting money in the bucket it brought a lump to my throat. By the end of the day, we had raised just over £400 for Yorkshire Cancer Research. I’d had an offer of marriage, one lady said ‘ I wish you were running after me’ with a twinkle in her good eye and some people left their children as obviously saw an opportunity for free childcare.

Thank you for all your donations and words of encouragement.

Sunday I was due to be running in York City Centre on the treadmill but a week ago Yorkshire Cancer Research asked if I would like to do the Yorkshire Marathon as a runner had dropped out, obviously I thought it would be good training, (which is how they sold it to me) what I wasn’t expecting was it was THIS weekend. In true Bootneck fashion I couldn’t say no as it would be more miles in the legs. With no planning or help from her indoors I managed to drag myself to the start line. Great atmosphere when I got there. Set my watch for a pace of 5hrs 15mins (at this point I just wanted to get around). Got to mile 16 before having a walk (trainers I’d bought on Thursday pinching a little, think they are almost broken in now). Completed in 4hrs and 46mins.

Grabbed my finishers bag and made my way back to the car park near the station, luckily I wasn’ the only person hobbling through York or I might have looked a little like a member of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Another 52 miles in the legs and just over £500 for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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