Massive thank you!

Rather than irritating everyone by posting all my thank-you’s on social media individually, I am going to do a weekly roundup of donations  This is my first one and to make it easier I am thanking everyone from the launch … Read More

Thank you for the donations!

I can’t believe the response to my blubbing, snotty post! Nearly at the £3k mark for Yorkshire Cancer Research which is great and I can’t thank everyone enough for sponsoring me. If only I’d known shedding a few tears would … Read More

Rest day today.

Plan Hung out the washing! Cooked a caveman brunch! Did the ironing and taking my better half out for dinner. I will get that new bike… at the moment she is clueless to my cunning plan and the browny points … Read More

Endurance base building.

Training, for now, is purely base building so I am trying to train at my maximum aerobic function, which is currently around 131 BPM. This is proving very difficult, especially whilst out running, I find myself running at a snail’s pace … Read More


Whilst rowing today I started to worry about the enormity of this challenge, not the enormous physical challenge, I can do something about that! The worry for me is, not raising the money for Yorkshire Cancer Research, as making people … Read More


Why… well The Marathon des Sables has always been on my bucket list and when a good friend completed it last year and another the year before I thought I’d better get on and just do it. After my dad … Read More