Double Marathon

Whilst away I contacted at least twenty shopping centres in the Yorkshire area asking if they would let me do some live training and fundraising, most replied no with some excuse, but at least they replied. I did, however, get … Read More

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Came around sooner than expected for some people as four weeks wasn’t enough time to train. Had a few dropouts or perhaps they just needed some man up pills #ThomasWard. Apparently, Friday is a working day in the real World. … Read More

I like challenges.  

So August sees mine and her indoors sort of anniversary, we forgot to do the getting married bit. Anyway we’ve now been together for over 23 years. That in itself deserves a donation especially as most of you never had … Read More

A week in the sun. 

Back to work and missing home especially my shiny new bike. I’m hoping it’s still hanging in the garage and hasn’t been turned in to a shiny new handbag by her indoors. It’s really hot here now, average temperature 35-40’c … Read More