Ripley Car Boot Sale

Woke up early, woke her indoors up and told her she didn’t have to get up and help. Once she had packed the van and I had made my coffee I was all set. Travel mug of coffee, float and … Read More

I like challenges.  

So August sees mine and her indoors sort of anniversary, we forgot to do the getting married bit. Anyway we’ve now been together for over 23 years. That in itself deserves a donation especially as most of you never had … Read More

Massive thank you!

Rather than irritating everyone by posting all my thank-you’s on social media individually, I am going to do a weekly roundup of donations  This is my first one and to make it easier I am thanking everyone from the launch … Read More

Thank you for the donations!

I can’t believe the response to my blubbing, snotty post! Nearly at the £3k mark for Yorkshire Cancer Research which is great and I can’t thank everyone enough for sponsoring me. If only I’d known shedding a few tears would … Read More

Heart felt reason why.

Follow this link to watch the video Just a short message so I can attach the video. It was suggested to do some video’s to raise the profile of my challenge and fundraising. What happened wasn’t expected, but I want … Read More

A week in the sun. 

Back to work and missing home especially my shiny new bike. I’m hoping it’s still hanging in the garage and hasn’t been turned in to a shiny new handbag by her indoors. It’s really hot here now, average temperature 35-40’c … Read More

Plan Succesful!

Plan successful! It worked, one shining new bike hanging up in the garage. Caught her half a sleep on the sofa one night and simply uttered the words, ‘that bike is still in the sale, nearly £600 off’ (sale, music … Read More

Rest day today.

Plan Hung out the washing! Cooked a caveman brunch! Did the ironing and taking my better half out for dinner. I will get that new bike… at the moment she is clueless to my cunning plan and the browny points … Read More

Endurance base building.

Training, for now, is purely base building so I am trying to train at my maximum aerobic function, which is currently around 131 BPM. This is proving very difficult, especially whilst out running, I find myself running at a snail’s pace … Read More

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