Back at work, and I can run on water.

Been a while since my last post, time just seems to run away. At work now so trying to squeeze as much training in as I can when I’m not at sea. I have been able to find another route for running, a little sand underfoot and uneven, I could be talking about the roads here but I’m not. The new route is a loop of the breakwater, approximately 5km, much better than the highway to hell I was running up and down last time, 13 times up and down the same road, probably more mental training than physical on that route. Most of my training is keeping under 140 BPM and at times this is down to a crawl. I’ve also been experimenting with a hydrating strategy, well not really a strategy I am making it up as I go along. Been doing hour runs without any fluid at all, some with just adding a teaspoon of salt in my water bottle.I’ve woken with a couple of stonking headaches after some long runs.

Ran a half marathon the other day and drank about 100-150 every 5km, I would have drunk more regularly if the free rucksack I got at the Expo was any good. The water bottle pouches on the front are only held on by press studs and as soon as you start to run they pop off. Don’t worry her indoors has already bought me a new rucksack.

When I’m not working or running I am trying to organise my fundraising when I get home. I am hoping to do 12 days of Christmas and run on the treadmill at 12 separate venues. So a lot of my spare time is trying to think of venues that would let me set up shop and fundraise for the day. I have had some lame excuses but I will keep pushing on. I now have a local radio station on board so hopefully that will help with the publicity and the venues will be knocking on my door, but in the meantime, if any of the 10 people that read my blog have any contacts or able to offer me a location, please get in touch. I already have two definite shopping centres and maybe some media coverage.


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