Almost home time.

Whilst away I have been able to complete a number of runs to build a good endurance base. I am definitely getting quicker at the same heart rate intensity, so everything going to plan. The only limiting factor at the moment to not increase the distance is sore knees. What I intend to do once home, is get out and do some good old-fashioned yomping. This will be long days with weight just to build up the legs muscles, oh and get some hills in. Looks like the family is going to suffer again, as they never seem to see me, so much to do and not enough time to do everything.

All my spare time up until Christmas will be fundraising with my 12 days of Christmas Challenge. This may be doomed unless 12 venues come forward and me getting Public Liability insurance, one venue wants me to have £10,000 public liability (not sure what damage one man on a treadmill can do) I can be clumsy, but come on. Got two radio stations wanting to help with some publicity (thank you Stray FM & BBC Radio York).

I have been able to go out and do some slow walks with weight, only around 12kg. Not sure what weight I will be carrying in the desert. I have seen some very interesting posts on newsgroups and people a lot more organised than I have spreadsheets with the weight of everything they are carrying. I’d rather not know, it has to be carried and I won’t be cutting down my toothbrush to save a few grams or buying a horrendously expensive sleeping bag for the same reason.

I am struggling to find venues as it seems everyone is fully booked or that dreaded word used to put the kibosh on just about anything, Health & Safety.

Not sure I will be able to do many car boot sales over the festive period due to weather but something for the new year and beyond.

Oh and like most recent birthday’s I celebrated away from home, not that I celebrate them anymore. I forgot it was my birthday until someone reminded me, but I’m informed that is an age thing.

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