A week in the sun. 

Back to work and missing home especially my shiny new bike. I’m hoping it’s still hanging in the garage and hasn’t been turned in to a shiny new handbag by her indoors.

It’s really hot here now, average temperature 35-40’c with around 70% humidity so going for a run is always interesting. At least people leave me alone, only mad dogs and Englishmen and all that!! Running past the immigrant workers cowering in the shadows, I always get a hello from them, I think they are just checking I’m compos mentis and wondering why anyone would be running in this concrete jungle in 37’c.

I’m still training aerobically or as close to aerobic (MAF) as I can. The humidity is making it almost impossible to run and all I can do is a fast walk. I’ve managed to complete three runs/fast walks for a duration of 50-60 minutes.

According to my Garmin watch, I am getting slightly quicker with a lowering heart rate average so things are going in the right direction. I may be able to hit the numbers and keep my heart rate under 136.

Whilst running I’ve been getting a weird sensation of swaying, especially if I look down.  I put it down to working on a small boat and the motion of the sea.

Next week I am going to get access to a spin bike and up the duration, time under stress. I’d like to be doing around 120 minutes on the bike and stay below 136 to continue building on my endurance base and sweat rate.

A few more donations but need more to hit that target, tell your friends. Threaten them by saying you will read my blog out loud to them if they don’t donate 🙂

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