People putting down their bags, taking off their gloves, rummaging in their bags for their wallets or purses to donate to my challenge. Just that simple act is very precious to me, that time to take a minute to donate … Read More

Almost home time.

Whilst away I have been able to complete a number of runs to build a good endurance base. I am definitely getting quicker at the same heart rate intensity, so everything going to plan. The only limiting factor at the … Read More

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

When I get home in December I will be making a big push to break through £10,000 before the year-end. With the success of running on the treadmill in Hull, I have come up with the 12 days of Christmas … Read More

Cake for Commandos

Please donate Options Tea/Coffee £3.00 GBPTea/Coffee & Cake £5.00 GBPFull Monty £10.00 GBP

MdS Expo, the Big Smoke.

  Haven’t done much training since the Marathon weekend apart from a couple of bike rides and a short leg stretch which felt good, feet still a little sore so definitely need to get some more miles in the feet … Read More

Double Marathon

Whilst away I contacted at least twenty shopping centres in the Yorkshire area asking if they would let me do some live training and fundraising, most replied no with some excuse, but at least they replied. I did, however, get … Read More

School Assembly

I invited myself to Belmont Grosvenor School to give a presentation and luckily the headmistress agreed and allowed me to speak to the children in years 3 to 6, about the MdS and my fundraising efforts. Even though I have … Read More

York Car Boot Sale

Packed the van late last night, as there would be no chance of getting her in doors up at 0500 to give me a hand. Thanks to everyone who has given me items to sell, when I say sell it … Read More

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