12 Days of Christmas Challenge

When I get home in December I will be making a big push to break through £10,000 before the year-end.

With the success of running on the treadmill in Hull, I have come up with the 12 days of Christmas challenge. I will carry out live training on the treadmill at hopefully 12 different venues.

At the moment I have two venues Northpoint Shopping Centre in Hull and Trinity Walk in Wakefield. I will also be on the treadmill at Cakes for Commando event.

  • 12 December –
  • 13 December – Cakes for Commando Event, Weeton
  • 14 December –
  • 15 December –
  • 16 December – Trinity Walk, Wakefield
  • 17 December –
  • 18 December –
  • 18 December –
  • 19 December –
  • 20 December –
  • 21 December –
  • 22 December – Northpoint Shopping Centre, Hull

I have approached lots of venues but not received anything back confirming yet. With the support of BBC Radio York, I am hoping the publicity will get some offers coming in.

If anyone is able to offer me a venue or has direct access to someone at a venue please get in touch.

As dates get confirmed I will keep updating.

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